Expressões da Revolução de 13-JUN a 14-JUL - Porto Alegre - RS - Brasil

Convidado pelo Festival DEMOCRACINE 2012, projeto aborda o ativismo cultural na primavera árabe e sua repercussão pelo mundo.

Mostra Medrar de novos diretores – Cairo

CINEMA – Contestador e criativo, o programa Fluttering Selfhoods traz uma sequência de curta-metragens de novos diretores dentro do projeto Medrar, uma mostra que acontece anualmente no Cairo e trata de temas polêmicos e contundentes.

About Medrar

Medrar for Contemporary Art is a common cultural corporate and philanthropic platform for young emerging artists based in Egypt. It aims to contribute to the motivation of different means of communication, developing experiences and financial support for contemporary praxis on the national, regional and international level.

Medrar’s main objective is to drive the interest of young emerging artists and provide them with chances of experimentation and accession by encouraging their activities and the intercultural exchange between them globally, as well as creating a space for dialogue between young art critics by producing serial prospectuses and critique researches and providing data base for curatorial based projects.


Fluttering Selfhoods
New directors video screening program by Medrar

Generally this program “Fluttering Selfhoods” is focuses on the importance of transcending to the perspective of young art practitioners on the current situation in Cairo through diverse productions of individual-low budget videos. In the program presented, narration or story telling builds up the skeleton and connects the works together, nevertheless with diverse approaches to the topic and addressing a variety of issues compiled in the contemporary Egyptian society. Dealing mainly with concerns of a merge from cultural, political and economical statuses, through questioning identity, relationships, parenthood, aggression and freedom.

Asmaa and Hind El kolaly
The Princess, 3min, 2009

In The Princess, El Kolely explores the concept of the sacrifice as an offering of an animal or the surrender of something treasured or the loss of a valuable entity.

Twin sisters born in 1985.Studied in the Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University. Their artwork is the result of shared thoughts that tackles issues concerned with the identity and the society. El Kolely’s work has been exhibited in several local and international exhibitions.


///// Shereen Lotfey
A Letter to A Lover, 2min, 2007
“And immediately I started to load the guns and rifles with gunpowder and Firady helped me with it….”

Born in Cairo in 1987, Shereen studied Applied Arts faculty, Graphic department. Shereen lives and works in Cairo, In her art work, takes on subjects that aggravates her and those around her, and she deals with it directly which translated into an art work that communicates with the person watching it, so that the user would interact with it, A video is to be used to reach the audience by all possible means. She has participated in many  international exhibitions and event  “ONE MINUTE” International and Film Festival at Aarau Switzerland, “Bidoun Magazine Video Program” at  Art Dubai Festival, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, “The Pick 4” Exhibition at the Townhouse Gallery, “Detour” The Third International Video Festival at (CiC) Cairo.


///// Hosam Elsawah
Kekh, 6 min, 2007
Trivial story telling by an extraordinary person reflects the mixed up consequences of his surroundings.

Born in 1984 Cairo, he Graduated from Faculty of Art Education , Helwan University. Exhibitions : 2008  The Biennial of Contemporary Art ” biacs 3″ Spain2008, The Bidon Artists Cinema ” Art Dubai Festival” 2007, DV theque project, meeting points 5, 2007 Second video Festival at CIC 2007, The Pick3 at the Town House Gallery 2007.


///// Ahmed Elshaer
Don’t Resign, 3min, 2008
In a recent became accepted among Egyptians is the situation and relax away from liability self direction or the direction of home away from duty and not claim the rights and intercepted a discreet step down and making it all tell them what to Gamal Abdel Nasser, Don’t Resign

Born in Cairo, Egypt in 1980; lives and works in Egypt.
Ahmed El Shaer is a photographer, video and installation artist. His videos combine a diversity of time-based elements: film, machinema, stock footage, ambient and synthetic sounds as well as three-D animation.

Yara Mekawei
Volume, 2min, 2010
In the digital system the master and slave had a harmonic volume tracks.
They said some Sentences which meant many of Conventions in our life.

Born in Cairo, Egypt 1987, Graduated from the Faculty of Art Education, Helwan Uni., Cairo.
Works in a Visual and Audio Art, and live electronic music, She interested in make a connection between the abstract symbols and human relations in her Art works by different ways. Also recently she beginning her new concept about the “Hidden Dynamic Random Access Memory “,this concept showed in art projects parts. She wants to make a connection between our memory and what we listen to in our relationships.

Nada Zatouna
Short film “more or less”, 11:20, 2010
Two women.. Director and a young lady working as a lawyer, Working together on a documentary film. Expected delivered in specific date. Time is over and they discovered many things about relationships and passive time.

Nada Zatouna. Born in Cairo, graduated from the Cairo Jesuit’s cinema school, worked as an assistant director for independent films since 2006. She created several short films: “Mom?”, “Sudanese Chili”, production of Nadim Center in cooperation with European Union.
[07:58:12] dia4all: “Ice Cream”. “Who are you?!”, “Black Shoes”, “a short film More or Less”, “full length dress” ( in editing phase), production of Cairo Jesuit’s cinema school

///// Ahmed Nabil
The Trip, 18:47, 2009
Some footage from my very first trip to Europe, edited with a voice-over from dialogues with two Egyptian friends about some sociopolitical issues

Got his BFA in painting at the faculty of Fine Arts. In Alexandria, Egypt. During his last years in the faculty he got more interested in filmmaking. So got involved in a two years filmmaking workshop that helped him develop some techniques related to shooting and editing. After doing one short narrative film he turned into experimental filmmaking and video art, making a use of his painting background.


Video program organized by Medrar.





Mohamed Allam

Born in Assiut in 1984, Allam studied at the Arts Education Faculty of Helwan University in Cairo.

Allam lives and works in Cairo using different mediums such as video, performance and sound  Usually the surrounding environment with its social and political constituents provides the context and framework from which he focuses on the derivation of irony in his work.  He attempts from these elements to link his cultural roots to a wider arrangement of networks.

He has participated as an artist in numerous events since 2003. Allam is also concerned with art management and has participated in organizing several art events in Cairo. He established the young Cairo-based artist initiative “Medrar for Contemporary Art” which aims at the promotion of contemporary artistic practices of young artists in Egypt.

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/// O projeto Expressões da Revolução é o projeto convidado da edição 2012 do Democracine - Festival Internacional de Cinema sobre Democracia que se realiza de 13 a 16 de Junho na cidade de Porto Alegre - RS - Brasil.

/// The Expressions from Revolution is the invited project for 2012 by the Democracine - International Film Festival about Democracy that take place at Porto Alegre - RS - Brasil from 13th to 16th of June.

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